Our deep knowledge of the multilateral system, regional agreements and free trade agreements allow us to provide strategic consultancy on the protection of intangible all around the world, taking advantage of the subregion of Latin America.

We represent our clients so that third parties respect their copyrights, or so that those rights may be exploited through due authorization of its owner.

  • Contracts, registries and licensing for creations protected under copyrights and related rights.
  • Contract negotiations for works, mandates and collaborations.
  • Drafting contracts for copyrights transfer.
  • Licenses, permits, rights clearances and distribution contracts.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for editing, representation, musical inclusion, audiovisual fixation, and any other contract related to the entertainment industry.
  • Drafting contracts for image rights.

We represent our clients for differentiation and remembrance of their goods and services in domestic and international markets:

  • Integral consultancy in matters of national and international brands (registrations, oppositions records for use cancellation, renewal and involvement)
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of license agreements, transfer, franchise and other contracts.
  • Representation in actions for trademark infringement and unfair competition.
  • Trademarks and extension through the Madrid Protocol.
  • Mediation, conciliation and arbitration before the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Copyright Office, Colombian and Chinese national courts.
  • comprehensive consulting on matters of national and international brands (registrations, oppositions records for use cancellation, renewal and involvement).
  • Legal consultancy in disputes relating to domain names.
  • Unfair competition and intellectual property issues.
  • Legal consultancy on issues arising from intellectual property and free trade agreements.

  • Patent applications and industrial designs.
  • Patent drafting.
  • Legal consultancy on contracts transfer intellectual property rights under patents or industrial designs and licenses.
  • Consultancy about Patent Cooperation Treaty.
  • Compulsory licenses.