1493 is a law firm with a deep focus on business law, internationalization, entrepreneurship and startup financing. Through our offices in Colombia, Spain and China, and our professional network worldwide, we offer international consultancy and legal representation to private companies, early-stage and growing startups, public and state entities and international organizations. Our professional activity is guided through the highest ethical standards and contribution to society.

We are committed with education, our partners and collaborators are closely linked to the best universities in Colombia and collaborate with Universities in Washington D.C., Oxford,  Madrid, Beijing and Shanghai.



Made in Colombia

We established the first Colombian technology Venture in China.

Created in China

We have contributed to overcome myths about Chinese imports.

Going global

We have accompanied Colombian companies in their internationalization process towards Latin America, the United States, Canada, Cote d’Ivoire, China, among others.

Trade for development

We participated in the first labor dispute within the framework of a Free Trade Agreement.

Trade for people

We designed a strategy for the fulfillment of human rights in Cambodia through Trade Treaties.

Win-win approach

In our first 7 years of existence we have financed the higher education of tree of our collaborators.

Why are we called 1493?

In 1492, Colón discovered America.

In 1493 the exchange of two worlds began.

Starting in 1493, the economic, cultural and human exchange that we now call globalization began. The arrival of European people, goods and ideas to the American continent was replicated shortly afterwards in Africa and Asia, and continues to this day.