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1493 is a new way of doing legal consulting on a global scale
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“Our main task is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all the world's population”
(From Report of the UN Millennium)

We do our part: 1493 is a new way of global legal consulting

How we do

International Responsible Consultancy

Verdaderamente Internacional

Legal Consulting

We understand the needs of our customers in a globalized world and provide them with simple and efficient legal solutions.
Verdaderamente Internacional


We are a network of multilingual professionals who are experienced working on all five continents. Our legal services are truly international.
Verdaderamente Internacional


Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our life project. We practice it in our organization and offer it to our customers.
What we do
Who we are

1493 was born into the era of globalization and
globalized service is what we offer.

1493 is a law firm with a new perspective on internationalization. Through our offices in Colombia and our professional network worldwide, we offer international legal consulting and representation to public and state entities, international organizations and private institutions.

Our experience in international affairs assures our customers that they will receive legal services in line with the latest trends in the globalized market.

Our legal activity is guided by an ethic of integrity and contribution to society.

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